Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Your Medicare Supplement Insurance Created Equally?

When it comes to your health, most Americans will do anything they can to keep it. That includes adding Medicare supplement insurance to their package of insurance so that they will be better able to pay for their medical expenses without giving away the farm. Everyone knows that healthcare is expensive, and they know that there has been a lot of debate about how much free health should be given away to the masses. There is nothing wrong with having healthcare available to all the people all the time, but it seems like there should be some way to hold the costs down without sticking it to the American people.
There is a way to cut the costs of healthcare and that has to some extent been addressed by Medicare and the Medicare supplement insurance that is offered by so many insurance companies. The one thing that should be done today that brings out the worst in everyone when it is even suggested is to control the cost of healthcare for the entire country by making everyone pay for their own health insurance instead of just giving healthcare away to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who wants to call the United States home.
There, that was my rant for the day, but the subject is still about Medicare Supplement Insurance, and that is a good topic. Senior citizens are the primary users of Medicare supplements and they are the ones who should be reaping the benefits of the program, not able bodied individuals who come here looking for the good life without going through proper channels. Oh, oh, there I go again. Here are some figures to let you know what it will cost the consumers yearly when they do decide to add Medicare supplement to their own lists of other yearly expenses.
Medigap has been added to the Medicare supplement insurance programs that are intended to help keep citizens healthy. One might assume that the only difference between Medigap plans is the cost that goes with them, but that may not be the case. Plan F costs $1336.72 annually when purchased from United World Insurance Company. That same plan costs $1720.45 annually when purchased from Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company. As before, the same plan costs $2182.02 annually when purchased from Bankers Life and Casualty Insurance Company. It appears that the truth of the matter is Medigap is not always created equally.
Richard Cantu is President of GoMedigap, one of the nation's largest Medicare Supplement Insurance agencies. The mission of GoMedigap agents is to help Medicare recipients understand how Medicare supplements work and help them shop the market for the best combination of coverage and lower premiums. Visit for additional information and resources including rates from such companies as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mutual of Omaha, and many others.

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